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Advocate for Systemic Change in MPS

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

End the year strong by signing this petition advocating for systemic change in the Minneapolis Public School system. With the support of local organizations, families, educators and academic leaders we are calling to stop the vote to extend Superintendent Graff’s contract.

Superintendent Ed Graff has led MPS for five years. During this tenure, MPS has not produced a district-wide Literacy Plan, or chosen a district Math curriculum. Considering the MCA scores as an

example, we see that English Language Learners fell from 19% proficient in 2016 to 5% in 2021. Scores in most subjects have been consistently dropping during Supt. Graff’s time even before the pandemic began affecting Minneapolis Public Schools.

Only 42% of all Minneapolis Public Schools students are proficient in math. This extends to reading as well where only 47% of MPS students are proficient.

When you disaggregate MPS academics testing data, we can identify significant disparities in the outcomes and experience of non-white students. The numbers are dramatically low when compared to those of white students in the same districts.

  • 28% of students of color in MPS read at grade level

  • 23% of students of color in MPS scored proficiency in math

This is URGENT, the vote to extend Superintendent Graff’s contract is on Dec 14th. Sign this petition and join the rest of us who urge MPS to halt on the extension and renewal of his contract using the link below.

For details on the actions other states have taken to encourage evidence-based literacy practices in K-12 schools, and to prohibit the use of curricula like the o

Data on student success can be monitored at:


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