Our members reflect a wide diversity in thought, experience and expertise – enriching each of us individually and strengthening us collectively.


Irma Márquez Trapero

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Executive Director

LatinoLEAD is a nonprofit organization of Latinx leaders across all sectors who join together to create innovative strategies to drive and define policies and perceptions that advance Latinx collective influence, success, and power.

Irma is an immigrant from Culiacán, México. At the age of nine, her family emigrated to St. James, a small rural farm town in Southern Minnesota. She is a proud DREAMer and Deferred Action (DACA) recipient. She’s passionate about the advancement of Latinx in the state of Minnesota and believes in the opportunity that Minnesota has to ensure this continues to be a great home for the Latinx community.

Irma has over with over 10 years of experience serving in the areas of community organizing, policy and political campaign work, immigration and employment law, nonprofit, and education. Most recently, she served as director of talent at Hiawatha Academies, a high-performing school network, during a phase of significant growth and expansion.

Irma holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Gustavus Adolphus College. In addition, she currently serves as President of the board of directors of Immigrant Law of Center of Minnesota (ILCM), a nonprofit that provides immigration legal assistance to low-income immigrants and refugees in Minnesota. 


Ph.D. Carla Manzoni

Community Engagement Manager

Dr. Carla Manzoni, PhD, MA, is a community-based leader, researcher and educator. Carla’s vision as Community Engagement Manager is to become a community builder by bringing people in and nourishing deep-rooted transformational connections to expand Latinx access, visibility and success. 


Originally from Argentina, Carla lived in many places before she migrated to the US; this immigrant experience in multiple settings has deeply shaped her view of the world and interests, including the pursuit of a PhD. Carla's scholarly research has delved into marginal groups, memory, representation, gender, human rights and narratives of community while her teaching has focused on inclusive pedagogy to help BIPOC students succeed. Carla impacted the lives of more than 800 students at the University of Minnesota, St. Olaf College and Metropolitan State University.


A mom in Minneapolis, Carla is a leader of her community. She has volunteered to increase the representation and educational equity of the local immigrant, Spanish-speaking and Latinx populations. 


Carla loves being in community. She enjoys celebrations, food, exploring art with her family, coffee with friends, traveling, and listening to very loud music.


Elizabeth Godefoy

Communications Manager

Elizabeth Godefoy is a Florida native who came to the Twin Cities to pursue her career working in the realm of social services. She has an extensive background in visual design and branding where she helped create the visual identity of several non-profit organizations in South Florida throughout her early career. 


First-generation Cuban-America, Elizabeth was raised by immigrant parents and a family who came to the U.S. in aims of living outside the boundaries of the Castro Regime. With her grandfather being exiled from Cuba during El Mariel, Elizabeth's mother came to the states in the midst of high school. Her mother and father both inspired an admiration of education as well as a curiosity in socio-political climate. 

Elizabeth was able to get an education in Mass Communications early on, attending a technical high school where she learned fundamental knowledge of media and visual communications. In her early years of college, she took several classes in journalism which helped her understand what career she wanted to pursue using a versatile set of skills. Elizabeth graduated with her degree in International Relations from Florida International University to pursue a career in the public sector. 

She enjoys the outdoors, making a good cafecito, enjoying some good food with friends and spending the summer days on a paddle board and autumn nights star gazing around a fire, with a s'mores in hand of course.