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Spotlight on Latinx Achievement

LatinoLEAD Member Spotlight

Nominate the Next Voice of LatinoLEAD

About Voices of LatinoLEAD and Spotlight on Latinx Achievement

Voices of LatinoLEAD is a monthly video series featuring a member sharing challenges and opportunities that are timely and relevant to our community.


Spotlight on Latinx Achievement is a question/answer series featuring a member serving in a role or focusing on an issue that is impacting our community. Please help us recognize LatinoLEAD members who you think deserve recognition. Who should you nominate? Complete the form below!


We are looking for Latinxs who are:

  • Positively changing the narrative of our stories

  • Making a positive impact in their communities

  • Boldly driving change across all sectors

  • Committed to advancing not only their own leadership, but also collectively advancing Latinx influence, success, and power.

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