Ask MN Legislature to Support Increased ELL Funding!

Updated: May 3

Advocate for a strong ELL funding package built on the Governor’s Budget recommendations and proposals heard in the House K-12 Finance committee.

English Language Learning (ELL) programs and services have been historically underfunded. The case to invest in ELL services is strong and clear: the state is not adequately funding the services that English Language learners and families need.

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LatinoLEAD Supports:

  • An increase in the basic ELL per pupil funding formula

  • An increase in the ‘Concentration Factor” which increases the per pupil funding where there are higher concentrations of ELL students at a school site

  • Establishment of a new, enriched, formula for ELL students with interrupted academic experiences (SLIFE)

  • Linking the ELL formulas (basic and concentration) to the general education formula so that increases to the general education formula drive an increase to the ELL formulas

  • Increased accountability for effective use of ELL funding at the school district and state agency level.

Help us in support of HF 4300, (Rep. Davnie) House omnibus K-12 Finance bill.

We’re just a few critical steps away from solidifying this recommendation.


  1. Fill out the form below to send the letter to the MN Legislature in 2 easy steps!

  2. Ask friends and family to do the same!

Template to as MN Legislature to support HF 4300:

Dear Senator / Representative,

I am writing to ask you for your vote in support of HF 4300, the House Omnibus K-12 Education Finance bill.

The House bill rises to the historic challenge of the last three school years during a global pandemic with an historic future investment in public education and especially, services for English Language Learners.

The state constitution is clear: the legislature has an obligation to design AND fund a “general and uniform” system of public schools.

The House bill does this. The Senate bill does not. The Senate bill does not offer any additional funding for public schools. Zero, Zip, Nada!

The Senate bill fails to rise to the moment. The Senate bill fails to meet their constitutional obligation to design and FUND a “general and uniform” system of public education!

Simply stated: investments in education always grow the middle class and the economy. Investments in tax cuts for the wealthy only increase income disparities in this state.

I urge my elected representatives in the House and the Senate to rise to the moment. Fulfill your oaths to uphold the state constitution including the Article XIII Education clause to design and fund a “uniform and general” system of public schools.

Rise up to the moment the way teachers and students have done every day for the last three school years. They have answered the call to “persevere” for three years.

I am calling on you to do whatever it takes to forge an omnibus K-12 spending bill that meets this unique moment of challenge and opportunity.



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