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Recap of LatinoLEADs 2nd Annual Meeting

The vibrant energy of last week’s Annual Meeting continues to resonate in our hearts and minds today. The LatinoLEAD network showed up in amazing ways. Record turnout with more than 220 registered. Unbelievable network engagement to kick off the organization’s strategic planning process. Surpassing fundraising goals which ensures high quality network programs, activities and events. LatinoLEAD’s 2nd Annual Meeting was a resounding success!

More people than ever before attended their first LatinoLEAD event last Wednesday evening at North House Minneapolis. From all accounts, their introduction to LatinoLEAD was everything and more than they anticipated.


The annual meeting was a brief look back at what LatinoLEAD accomplished in 2023. More importantly, it was a time for the network in attendance to focus on the future. A few of the questions the network was asked to ponder: How can we make LatinoLEAD an even better organization? How can we serve more of our community? How can we use our collective influence to improve the quality of life of Latines across the state of Minnesota?

Watch our 2023 Year in Review video to see the remarkable moments and achievements that defined our year.

A key portion of the annual meeting was the group interactive session that was designed to involve the network in the beginning stages of the upcoming strategic planning. 

Watch our video to gain insights into how LatinoLEAD is shaping its strategic direction this year. Click here to view the video and join us on this exciting journey of planning and progress.

We were thrilled to receive 55 responses to the survey questions that were presented. Those in attendance gave many insightful and forward thinking insights that leadership will strongly consider as we begin the strategic planning work. 

The meeting continued to highlight the Avanzando Liderazgo Program (ALP), a premier initiative with 18 Latine individuals. LatinoLEAD's dedication to leadership development extended beyond ALP, engaging thousands and fostering over 10 intentional partnerships, leading to the recognition of leaders at both state and national levels.

LatinoLEAD’s board of directors elevated Irma and Karen to Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively, recognizing their crucial roles in LatinoLEAD's success. 

The evening concluded with  a forward-looking perspective, anticipating LiderCon 2024 as the organization's most impactful conference. Plans included national keynote speakers, local experts, and transformative sessions designed to challenge and foster growth. Get ready for an electrifying experience! Save the dates for LiderCon on September 5th & 6th at Best Buy Headquarters.

Much appreciation to our fundraising committee and volunteers who generously contributed time, resources, and silent auction items, ensuring the event's success! A special shout-out to the small businesses, including all dedicated Latino-owned company, for their support in creating the remarkable atmosphere for the evening.

LatinoLEAD’s leadership team and board of directors express their heartfelt gratitude for all of the sponsors that made the annual meeting a memorable event: Minnesota Myth, North House Minneapolis, the Minnesota Timberwolves, Fogo de Chão, Paulistana Dance & Entertainment and Minnesota Bank & Trust.

We also gave our network the opportunity to invest in the future of LatinoLEAD. You can join them by clicking here to donate to LatinoLEAD. Thanks for your generosity.

The Second Annual Meeting encapsulated a journey of reflection, engagement, and empowerment, embodying LatinoLEAD's unwavering commitment to community success and setting the stage for an exciting future.



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