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LatinoLEAD launches “#WeAreLatinoLEAD”

September 23, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRESS RELEASE September 23, 2016 Contact: Luz María Frías Vice President Community Impact, The Minneapolis Foundation (612.672.3829) or Web: Facebook: @latinoleadmn LatinoLEAD launches “#WeAreLatinoLEAD” (Minneapolis, MN, September 23rd, 2016)

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, LatinoLEAD announced their new public awareness campaign that will underscore the talent and strengths of the Latino community, highlight the contributions of Latinos in Minnesota, and launch LatinoLEAD to the broader public. “#WeAreLatinoLEAD” campaign launched on social media on September 21st, 2016 and will run for the following 30 days. “#WeAreLatinoLEAD” will feature messages that will spotlight the positive contributions that Latinos make in Minnesota across multiple industries, professions and endeavors.

LatinoLEAD aims to highlight the vibrant contributions of Latinos in Minnesota. This vibrant community plays an important role in the state’s economic, fiscal, social, and cultural vitality. More than 5,000 Latino entrepreneurs in Minnesota have annual sales exceeding $1.6 billion, and Latinos in our state have over $5.4 billion in spending power. The Minnesota Latino community includes business owners like Milissa Silva-Diaz, CEO of El Burrito Mercado, a full service market place that employs over 85 people and has been at the center of the historic St Paul West Side since 1979. It also includes the Honorable Peter M. Reyes a Judge on the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the first Hispanic on that court. Judge Reyes is a Mexican-American who has been active his entire career in promoting the Mexican-American, Hispanic, and greater community locally and nationally.

A cross-sector consortium of Latinos working together to advance collective influence, success and power, LatinoLEAD includes leaders from the corporate, civic, non-profit, business and academic sectors.

“LatinoLEAD offers the opportunity for Latino leaders in our community to come together to define the narrative, drive change and advance their influence, success and power across all sectors.” said LatinoLEAD Chair Luz María Frías.

Interested parties can learn more about “#WeAreLatinoLEAD” by visiting: or on Facebook: @latinoleadmn

About US Our mission: Latino leaders across all sectors join together to create innovative strategies to drive and define policies and perceptions that advance Latino collective influence, success and power. LatinoLEAD is an initiative established by The Minneapolis Foundation.


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