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LatinoLEAD Board 2022

It’s the time of year where we welcome new board members. This is always a bittersweet moment as we introduce new leaders to and part ways with board members whose terms have come to an end but we’re excited to welcome new faces to LatinoLEAD.

One of our founding board members and current board chair, Ambar Hanson’s tenure has come to an end. Ambar has been an exemplary board member and influential leader for LatinoLEAD. As chair, she supported and guided LatinoLEAD to what it is today. Ambar helped the Education Action Team (E.A.T.) transform from a concept into an active coalition of advocates. Ambar is still committed to the growth of LatinoLEAD as she continues to co-chair the E.A.T. into new territory. Ambar notes, “There is so much more work to do and thanks to an amazing staff and board, the future is bright.”

We want to thank Laura Bottenfield, Luciano Patiño and Rudy Rodriguez for their years of wonderful service. They helped grow our LatinoLEAD network and shape our programming. Laura supported our financing and policy efforts and was an integral part of connecting LatinoLEAD to some of our corporate sponsors. Luciano helped us create our first budget, secure our 501c3 status and helped us strategize internally. Rudy, a founding member, was one of our biggest motivators throughout tough times. Their work has been fundamental to our success.

The new Chair of the LatinoLEAD Board is Marina Pariseau. She is an ambitious leader who has served on the Board since 2020. Marina is the Chief Diversity Officer at 3M where she started her career. Marina reflected on how her grandmother influenced and inspired leadership in an article written by 3M. “She taught me to give advice and feedback freely and lift others often. It has become foundational to who I am and how I lead.” She is a passionate leader that puts la comunidad at the forefront.

The new Vice Chair is Giney Rojas who has served on our board since 2018. Giney has been an integral part of the Network Engagement and Event Planning (NEEP) committee which works to bring our community monthly events through the Elevate Inspire Series. Giney is a daughter of Mexican immigrants and strives to pave the path for future leaders. She is a fearless advocate for the Latinx community who brings a wealth of innovation to LatinoLEAD.

Johan Gomez Sang is the newest member of the LatinoLEAD Board. Johan, a Dominican Republic native, moved to Minnesota from Wisconsin two years ago. Johan has always been involved in non-profit work and was eager to support organizations here in Minnesota. Johan works as a Consumer Lending Officer at Minnesota Bank & Trust.

Esther Ledesma Pumarol, Alfredo Martel, and Roxanna “Roxy” Gonzalez, who were both featured on Spotlight on Latinx Achievement, are also new members of the board who joined LatinoLEAD late last year. Our team is growing stronger and wiser every year.


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