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Join the Education Action Team

Our first EAT meeting 2022-23 is on October 26, 3-4pm.We would love you to join us!! This meeting will focus on recentering our work on our priorities with the 2022-23 paradigm with so many challenges and opportunities; knowing that there is a lot at stake in this upcoming elections and that Legislators have not decided what they will fund with the existing surplus.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

What is the Education Action Team?

We are a group of parents, elders, school administrators, teachers, and community leaders joining forces to improve our education system for the Latinx and BIPOC communities.

We have been working since 2020 and decided on our 2021-22 priorities.

  1. Increase funding for English Language Learners students and families

  2. Staff - create pathways to develop educators (SW, teachers, principals)

  3. Extra compensation - development of bilinguals (if one language is strong how to support to develop the second)

  4. Training - interpreters

  5. More accountability for schools and districts who aren’t serving students - staff recruitment/retention

  6. Latinx leaders at the table

We shared an amazing win as the result of our 2020-21 plan: We increased English Learning funding for the first time in 15 years!

In 2021, we met with the Minnesota Department of Education twice, we met with Gov Walz, Lt. Gov Flanagan, Sen. Torres Ray, and with involved organizations MCLA and COPAL. The main take-away from those meetings is that Gov Walz pledged to involve us so that we can cowrite protocols. And in a recent meeting with the Minnesota Dept of Education, they have committed to more funding for ELL.

In 2022, we continued this work! As part of our campaign we are meeting with legislators to push a legislative agenda that funds ELL and creates pathways for more accountability. We met with Rep. Davnie, Rep. Richardson and Sen. Kunesh, they expressed support for our priorities. We continued our meetings with key stakeholders at the Minnesota Dept. of Education, and we continue to push to have a seat at the table. In continuing our legislative work, we are supporting bills that will advance our goals:

  1. We provided public testimony in support HF 1939 Bill authored by Rep. Mariani;

  2. We are requesting that the Bill SF1964 authored by Sen. Kunesh has a hearing in the senate.

  3. We have identified more ELL bills that will advance our goals, hoping to push for these bills as well.

  4. We are reaching out to people and organizations that are already invested in supporting bills that will help ELL students and families.

About the EAT

The EAT is a LatinoLEAD initiative made up of highly involved members who attend virtual bi-weekly every other Wednesday 3:00 -4:30 PM Central Time. There is a larger group of 110+ members who receive information on weekly bases and support our initiatives, resharing, writing letters, or connecting us with others. We are in constant communication and collaboration with other Latinx/BIPOC-serving organizations and partner with them as needed to advance our priorities.


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