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How To Create an Elevator Pitch for Your Job Search

An effective elevator pitch could be the difference between a new connection and a lost opportunity.

You've heard the question before: "What do you do?" Queries like this could lead to your next job or client, but only if you're prepared to deliver a good elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is similar to a personal selling statement, yet different from a sales pitch because it's more of a conversation starter. A good pitch lasts between 15 and 45 seconds — about the length of an elevator ride (which is partly how it got its name).

Whether you're standing in the elevator, walking down the hall, or meeting someone new at a networking event, you're faced with a limited amount of time to make a connection. Good elevator pitches should be interesting, brief, and memorable. They should also be flexible and open the door for further conversation.

Prior to drafting your pitch, consider your objective. Are you trying to broaden your network? Looking for a new job? Each of these would require different scripts. Similarly, you should also consider who your target audience is, what problems they have, and you can help solve them.

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