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Fighting for Equity for Higher Education: Show Your Support Omnibus Bill

Equity in higher education is a fundamental right that every student in Minnesota deserves. However, the current system perpetuates significant achievement gaps, disproportionately affecting students of color, first-generation students, and low-income students. To address this pressing issue, we are urging the Senate to include language in the Higher Education Omnibus bill (SF3097/HF3130) that directs the MN Office of Higher Education to review, analyze, and report on Minnesota State Colleges and Universities course placement practices.

Your voice can make a difference. We encourage you to reach out to your Minnesota representative and urge them to support this crucial legislation. Use the information below to take action and help create a more equitable and just education system in Minnesota.

Template for your email:

Click to view the template "Accept Report on MN State Colleges and Universities Course Placement Practices during Higher Education Conference Committee Negotiations"

Use the templates above to email your representative. You can also email any or all of the following:

Please send directly to your representatives as well. You can find your representative, click this link.


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