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Empowerment: The Fuel For The Fearless

What is empowerment?

The objective is to show solidarity and support to the team by supporting individuals to make decisions and even when a poor decision is made to learn from that and continue to make decisions confidently. Pain and process.

As a leader you want your team members to be responsible, accountable and take ownership for their actions. You want them to develop and grow and for that they will need your support. Therefore, you as a leader will need to be equally as responsible, accountable and have ownership.

The Rules of Empowerment

• The first thing we need to do with Empowerment is to honor that we are working in that space.

• The second thing we need to do is to know that in the Empowerment space there will be some poor choices being made which may impact income, brand image, customer satisfaction etc…

• The third thing we need to do is to accept that as the pain and learning process for all involved.

The Framework of Empowerment

• Once we have a flash point, whenever that is in the process, we need to celebrate that we have a winner. A winner in the sense that someone made a decision, then chose a course of action and we must honor and support that.

• Then we need to decide if we must take over the process and with the person who made the decision take remedial action.

• Then either ask the decision maker what they think they should do next to rectify the solution or as a mentor guide them through your thought process to rectify the issue.


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