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LatinoLEAD is Now An Approved 501(c)3

Our 501c3 status is a key milestone for the organization which allows for us to continue to grow our work and access new resources to move the mission forward.

We are incredibly thankful to funders at The Minneapolis Foundation, Bigelow Foundation and The Bush Foundation for their commitment to partnering with us in pursuit of a stronger Minnesota. We are also incredibly proud to have a great leader in Irma Márquez Trapero. In addition to Irma’s commitment to our communities and LatinoLEAD’s mission, she supported getting us across the finish line to get our 501c3 nonprofit status. We are excited about the future.

We want to thank our past and current board members and community members who have worked tirelessly to shape our organization and guide it. LatinoLEAD is stronger than ever today because of your leadership.

Last but not least, to our LatinoLEAD members and for your continued support.

¡Muchas Gracias! Thank you!


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