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How Do I Expand My Network?

Networking is at the core of our work here at @LatinoLEAD. We know that building your own strong network of contacts allows you to meet industry leaders and professionals, learn from their experiences, and open doors to new opportunities. Expand your horizons and grow professionally by optimizing your networking experience.

  1. Join our events and sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to find networking opportunities connecting emerging and established Latinx leaders and allies

  2. Look for local groups on social media dedicated to your industry or the industry you want to enter

  3. Ask your contacts to make introductions

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Check out LatinoLEAD's career center! LatinoLEAD 's Career Center provides valuable resources to help you establish a strong online presence and set yourself apart in the job market. Take charge of your online image and achieve your career goals.

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