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As we enter our fourth annual LíderCon, our premier Latine leadership conference of the Midwest remains dedicated to uniting Latine individuals and allies, driving forward the cause of leadership within our community. This year's theme, "Avanzando tu Liderazgo” or “Advancing your Leadership," underscores our commitment to personal, communal, and professional growth.

Join us at Minnesota's most influential Latine leadership conference and connect with fellow cross-sector leaders. Together, we'll elevate Latino leadership and make a lasting impact on our community.



The Leadership Conference


LatinoLEAD will host its fourth-annual Latine leadership conference at Best Buy's headquarters on September 5th and 6th. LíderCon offers attendees a variety of professional development workshops and networking opportunities aimed to empower and inspire nuestra comunidad. 

LíderCon is designed to bring together Latine and allies of the community and inspire impactful leadership practices. LíderCon offers attendees a variety of professional development workshops with a jam-packed line of national keynote speakers, panels of local and regional leaders, multiple networking opportunities and more.

Latine professionals and allies of the community convene at LíderCon to acquire insights into the prevailing state of our community across various sectors. Our participants gather inspiration to pursue their passion with unwavering determination, forge valuable connections through networking opportunities, and refine their personal, professional, and leadership capabilities. Moreover, they engage in thought-provoking discussions and collaborative sessions aimed at fostering collective growth and empowerment within the Latine community and beyond.

With our theme, “Avanzando tu Liderazgo” or “Advancing your Leadership," you'll gain valuable insights and connections to propel your leadership journey forward.

Early Bird Special Ended on 4/30/24! 

 Grab your tickets   NOW!  

LíderCon in the Press


EARLY BIRD TICKETS  $200 (Available until April 30th)

REGULAR TICKETS  $250 (Available May 1st to August 16th)

LATE TICKETS $275 (Available August 17th to the 30th)

Become a LíderCon 2024 Sponsor

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The LatinoLEAD Impact Awards are designed to highlight the impact of local Latine leaders and allies who have led with a community-centered mindset, an inclusive approach, and who have worked tirelessly to eliminate institutional barriers and inequities. Through these awards, LatinoLEAD aims to create a ripple effect of positivity, inspiration, and empowerment that will inspire others to make a difference in all our communities.

Presented at the LíderCon 2024 Closing Ceremony.

Join the Award Ceremony


LatinoLEAD Impact Awards

At LatinoLEAD, we know that great leaders already exist within our community, it is now our privilege to have the opportunity to recognize and honor them. The LatinoLEAD Awards will recognize the impactful work of three Latine leaders and allies who are dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering a community of equality. We are proud to announce the inaugural LatinoLEAD Awards will be presented at LíderCon.

The awards are designed to highlight the impact of Latine leaders and allies who have led with a community-centered mindset, an inclusive approach, and who have worked tirelessly to eliminate institutional barriers and inequalities. Through these awards, we aim to create a ripple effect of positivity, inspiration, and empowerment that will inspire others to make a difference in their own communities.  







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Oportunidad Expo

The "Oportunidad Expo" at LíderCon 2024 offers organizations, corporations, small business vendors and higher education institutions a platform to showcase their opportunities and achievements. It's a chance for talent acquisition and sharing insights about their respective entities. Additionally, Latine-owned businesses have the opportunity to promote and sell their products or services. Please note that no food sales are permitted at this event. Participation fees include $1,000 for higher education, non-profit organizations, and corporations, which includes three tickets, and $550 for Latine-owned businesses (which includes two LíderCon 2024 tickets).

LC23 Admission
LC23 Location

LíderCon Venue

This year, the conference will be hosted at the Best Buy Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN

 Best Buy Headquarters, 7601 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55423


Frequently Asked Questions

What is LíderCon?

LíderCon is an annual leadership conference organized by LatinoLEAD, a Minnesota-based nonprofit organization committed to supporting Latinx leaders and their allies. The conference features a range of informative and inspiring sessions, including keynote speakers, workshops, and panels on topics such as leadership development, diversity, equity, and inclusion, community engagement, and more. Stay connected with LatinoLEAD and sign up for “Nuestra Fuerza Newsletter” to get the latest updates on our professional development, career opportunities and more events for Latinx in Minnesota.

Who can attend the conference?

LíderCon is designed for anyone interested in developing their leadership skills and connecting with Latinx leaders from various industries. Our conference is open to individuals from all backgrounds, and we welcome attendees who share our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. While the conference is designed to support emerging and established Latino leaders and their allies, anyone with an interest in leadership development is welcome to attend. LatinoLEAD invited Latinos and allies across the midwest to join us at LíderCon – Expand your network and take your leadership abilities to the next level!

What is the cost to attend?

The cost to attend LíderCon varies depending on the ticket type and when you purchase your ticket. This LíderCon 2024 ticket breakdown: $200 — Early Bird tickets are available until April 30th. You will gain exclusive sneak peek access to the day 1 and day 2 itineraries before regular tickets become available! NO LONGER AVAILABLE $250 — Regular tickets are available from May 1st to August 16th. $275 — Late tickets are available from August 17th to August 30th.

What is included in the cost of attendance?

The cost of attendance for LíderCon includes entry to both days of the conference, breakfast and lunch on both days, access to multi-sector networking opportunities, and access to a range of professional development opportunities such as keynote speakers, workshops, and panels. Additionally, attendees will have access to a Closing Ceremony with dinner. This applies to sponsored and bulk entries provided by your organization as well as individuals who purchased early bird registration, general admission registration, final call registration and student tickets provided by partner institutions.

Can I sponsor LíderCon or host a table at this year's conference?

Join us as a sponsor and showcase your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion while connecting with Latinx leaders and professionals from various industries. At LíderCon, we offer sponsorship opportunities for businesses and organizations interested in supporting our mission and reaching our audience. To learn more about our sponsorship packages and how your organization can get involved, please email us at

What is the refund policy for LíderCon tickets?

To request a refund for your LíderCon ticket please email us at by August 30, 2024. Refund requests made after September 01, 2024 will not be eligible for refund. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at LíderCon 2024!

Are scholarships or financial assistance available to attend LíderCon?

At LatinoLEAD, we believe that everyone should have access to professional development opportunities, regardless of their financial situation. While we don't have scholarships and financial assistance opportunities available just yet, we do offer volunteer opportunities that allow individuals to join the conference for free. In addition, there are other ways to secure your entry to LíderCon 2024, please email us:

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