Together, We Lead

We bring together Minnesota Latinx leaders
from across the state, that include various ethnicities, generations, and working sectors to have a greater social impact through collaboration, power building, and leadership development.

Our Core Values

What grounds our work

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We advance Latinx collective influence, success and power in Minnesota.

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We embrace an asset-based view of Latinx culture and achievement.



We promote equity, access and participation for all Latinxs.



We are informed by business diplomacy models as a way to implement values-based, ethical leadership.



The driving force of our community

Since 2013, we've supported our network through the facilitation of social, professional and policy reform through impactful convening, coalition building and strategic networking.


Our network represents over 1,500 professionals from civic,
non-profit, education, business, academic leaders and corporate sectors.


LatinoLEAD Action Teams

Where our volunteer work is focused


Leadership Action Team

The Leadership Action Team helps provide opportunities to connect with other Latinx leaders from the community. This team helps advance Latinxs into positions of leadership and influence through recruiting, engaging, and supporting others within our network through mentorship.


Education Action Team

The Education Action Team helps define the role LatinoLEAD can play to improve Minnesota’s educational services to Latinxs.


Achievement and Narrative-Building Action Team

This action team helps create a more positive stream of stories about our Latinx community by engaging and referring leaders to “Spotlight on Latinx Achievement” and “Voices of LatinoLEAD.”


Greater Minnesota Action Team

This action team helps identify and advocate for strategies, policies, and legislation that impact Latinx communities in Minnesota - with a focus particularly for those in greater Minnesota.


LatinoLEAD Member Spotlight

Nominate the next voice of LatinoLEAD

We're putting the spotlight on Latinx leaders from across the state who are boldly and positively driving change to advance Latinx influence, success, and power.


Is this you? Let us know by nominating yourself or a Latinx leader in your sphere of influence.

Lead With Us!

Explore our network offerings and benefits


LatinoLEAD Network

Expand your role and interests by connecting with others within the Latinx community.


Job Boards

Access Minnesota job boards and career opportunities, to leverage your platform.



Recognize your colleagues through our monthly video series, Voices of 

LatinoLEAD and Spotlight on Latinx Achievement - highlighting LatinoLEAD network accomplishments.

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