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May Fellow Spotlight: Avanzando Líderazgo Program

As we delve deeper into the Avanzando Liderazgo Program (ALP) '24 journey, we're thrilled to unveil our latest spotlight featuring standout members of our 2024 Cohort.

Each month, we proudly showcase three exceptional leaders who are driving positive change and fostering community within ALP '24.

In this edition, we shine a light on three inspiring Latino leaders: Tania Eden-Pineiro, Pedro Curry, and Nina Terrero Groth. Join us in celebrating their impactful contributions and leadership within our vibrant ALP community.


Meet Tania Eden-Pineiro

Tania is a seasoned business professional with extensive go-to-market experience. For almost 2 years, she has been the only Latina immigrant in partner sales for HubSpot US. In this role, Tania has honed her skills in guiding individuals and businesses towards success. Her go-to-market experience has proven invaluable, as she empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the complexities of business strategy, product development, and market positioning.

Tania is deeply committed to giving back to the community. In Minnesota, she has actively volunteered with various organizations, championing causes related to continuous education and business entrepreneurship with a deep emphasis in Women’s empowerment. Through her involvement, Tania has played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of learning and innovation within the community.

Born and raised in Mexico, Tania holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations by the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) and she specialized in Mexico-US Border Studies at Colegio de la Frontera Norte (COLEF), providing her with a deep understanding of the dynamics shaping cross-border relations.


Meet Pedro Curry

Originally from Honduras, and now a proud Minnesotan, Pedro has lived in the US, Asia Pacific, and Central and South America, amassing more than 25 years of professional and leadership experience in the areas of operations, sales and general management, strategy and executive leadership.  His background includes several other valuable capabilities – strategy creation and implementation, full P&L responsibility, acquisition integration work, and leadership of geographically dispersed operations and teams.

Currently transitioning out of Wilbur-Ellis Nutrition, he currently serves as Senior Advisor to the President, a company in which Pedro recently served as its first Chief Operating Officer, leading the transformation of the operations to support the Company’s commercial efforts, driving innovation to deliver better value-based solutions to customers and achieving sustainable, superior results for all stakeholders through operational excellence.  Previously, Pedro held executive leadership positions at companies such as QualiTech and Capital One.  He has also served in managerial positions in large private and public companies such as Cargill and Monsanto.   

Pedro keeps close to the LatinX community.  At Wilbur-Ellis, he led the creation of the first LatinX BRG, growing its membership rapidly.   In the local Twin Cities community, Pedro is part of the Centro Tyrone Guzman Board, where he has held the positions of Treasurer and Chair.  He is active in his residential township  where he was appointed to serve in the Park, Recreation and Natural Resources Commission; he also serves as a Electoral Judge.

Pedro is an avid reader and learner who also enjoys a quick jog. He is also a passionate soccer fan who savors attending Minnesota United and Aurora matches with his wife Yadira and their three daughters (Carmen, Antonella and Clara) and Leche, the family mascot.  Pedro holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from Zamorano University, a master’s degree in applied economics from Cornell University and an MBA from Duke University.  


Meet Nina Terrero Groth

A highly regarded marketing-communications professional and former journalist of  Puerto Rican and Dominican descent whose extensive body of work has appeared in  outlets including Entertainment Weekly, E! News, NBC News, ABC News, and more, Nina  is a culturally savvy marketer, content expert, brand builder, writer, editor, and problem  solver. A graduate of both Cornell (B.A.) and Columbia Universities (M.A.), Nina is a  proud daughter of Latino immigrants who combines her strategic mindset, deep  expertise and data-driven outlook at Target Corp. There, she leads marketing and  pipeline engagement strategy in support of Target Accelerators, the Fortune 40  company's portfolio of retail accelerator programs and resources, which helps deliver on  her passion for creating and nurturing pathways to economic mobility among  underserved and underrepresented communities, as well as amplifying community  connection and transformative change.  

Mother to two young boys, whom she and her husband are raising as bilingual and  multicultural global citizens, Nina resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In her free time,  she enjoys being with loved ones, fitness, travel, cooking and reading, as well as  volunteering at her church and children’s schools through various leadership and  community engagement efforts.  



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