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Make Your Office Life Healthier

Better choices can mean a happier, healthier office. Where is your greatest untapped opportunity for improving your health and well-being?

I would argue that for many people, the answer is "At work!" That may sound unconventional, as after all, we do not associate rows of cubicles and fluorescent lights with health. However, the choices we make at the office have a direct impact on health and well-being. We spend nearly 1,800 hours at work over the course of the year, so even our smallest choices can have a lasting impact.

Busy professionals have plenty on their minds, from the latest fire-drill deadline to managing relationships and juggling multiple responsibilities. Healthy habits are unlikely to stick if they are complicated or difficult to maintain. My recommendation is to choose one new healthy choice that would be easiest to try, then add another - spacing them out so that you are never overwhelmed. Here are some workplace wellness ideas to consider.

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