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April Fellow Spotlight: Avanzando Líderazgo Program

Updated: Apr 17

As we journey deeper into the Avanzando Liderazgo Program (ALP) '24, we are excited to continue our monthly blog series spotlighting the remarkable members of our 2024 Cohort.

Each month, we have the privilege of introducing you to three outstanding individuals who are making waves within the ALP '24 community.

In this edition, we shine the spotlight on three inspiring leaders: Lucino Sosa Montano, Terrones Rodriguez and Veronica Soto Urribarri.


Meet Lucino Sosa Montano

Lucino Sosa Montano is a skilled art creator with a strong commitment to community organizing. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Marketing degree from Augsburg University in Minnesota, and utilizes diverse mediums to empower underrepresented individuals through his art, especially poetry.

In his free time, Sosa enjoys sketching, photography, and writing poems for his Instagram account. He currently leads a team at Shermans Associates. Additionally, he serves as a mentor for the Undocuprofessionals program and he is part of Moguls in training at Usher New Look. 

His expertise in art and marketing, coupled with strong leadership skills, enables him to create impactful visual campaigns that highlight resilience and compassion. His unwavering dedication proves invaluable in various community organizing and artistic endeavors.

Meet Jennifer Terrones Rodriguez

Jennifer Terrones Rodriguez is a Minneapolis-born and raised, first-generation Mexican-American. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English and Gender & Sexuality Studies from St. Olaf College. In alignment with her identity and the identities of the people closest to her, Jen is passionate about immigration reform and economic and social justice. During her junior and senior years at St. Olaf College, Jen was the Campus Activities Coordinator for the St. Olaf Students for Reproductive Rights (SRR). As the Campus Activities Coordinator, Jen co-led a period pantry drive and letter-writing workshop addressed to Minnesota senators against queer discrimination in blood drives.

While an undergrad, Jen’s work experience ranged from youth mentorship to digital communications. Since graduation, Jen has worked as an Administrative Legal Assistant through Noack Law Office—a Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury law firm. In her role, Jen interacts with many undocumented, Spanish-speaking clients. Outside of work, Jen likes to travel and attempts to expand her artistic capabilities through writing and photography. In the future, Jen hopes to find an art community in Minneapolis to explore and discuss her interests in a professional setting.

Meet Veronica Soto Urribarri

Veronica Soto Urribarri is a seasoned professional who, having served as a former attorney in Venezuela and Real Estate Agent, is now making significant contributions in the field of media and communications. With a passion for storytelling and connecting communities, Veronica has forged a successful career at NBC Telemundo Minnesota in the Partnerships Department. Her dedication and strategic approach have made her an invaluable asset to the organization.

Born and raised in a multicultural environment, Veronica developed a deep appreciation for diversity and cultural exchange from an early age. This background has significantly influenced her work, leading her to create a coaching program for immigrants and startups. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and representation is evident in the initiatives she undertakes within the media landscape.

In addition to her professional achievements, Veronica is recognized for her philanthropic endeavors. She actively supports initiatives that empower and uplift marginalized communities, aligning with her belief in the transformative power of media to drive positive change. From co-leading a non-profit called “La Papelera Tiene Hambre” in Venezuela to now being a board member for Raices Sagradas in Minnesota.

Veronica has resided in Minnesota since 2020 and is committed to continuing to build bridges between the Latino Community and the diverse array of businesses and organizations in the region.



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