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AfroLatinidad July 15, 2023

What's in store for AfroLatinidad 2023?

- Guided Art Tours provided by The Minneapolis Institute of Art in English and Spanish (Limited availability)

- Storytime for young ones including “Daniela viaja a Puerto Rico” by Pamela Mercado Micheli with the author present, “Islandborn” by Junot Díaz, “Pelo Bueno” by Yolanda Arroyo-Pizarro with the author present

- Followed by a Head-wrap (turbante) tutorial by Yolanda Arroyo-Pizarro

- Musical and cultural dance performances by local Latinx

This family event celebrates and recognizes the diversity within our Latinx community.

Join us for an afternoon of AfroLatinx cultural learning and impact. Afrolatinidad: Vibras de la Diaspora is a unique opportunity to explore AfroLatinx identity and heritage while contributing to the rich tapestry of our diverse Minnesota community.

Visit this link to register:


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