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10 Queer-Latinx Movies & TV-Series

Queerness is a sensitive, sometimes triggering, topic for Latinx families. It is a daily struggle for some and sensitive memories for others. Queerness is not often celebrated or even talked about in novelas or Latinx media, in turn, many of us grow up in “familias tradicionales” where speaking up against homophobia isn’t easy.

We at LatinoLEAD believe that media helps nuestra comunidad start conversations that can help our queer relatives feel more comfortable talking openly about their relationships so we put together a list of recent movies and tv series that tackle some of these tough conversations and experiences faced by some queer Latinx. These were selected because they have one or more than one Latinx main character who is part of the LGBTQA+ community.


The Garden Left behind

Tu Me Manques


Mosquito y Mari


Casa de las Flores - Netflix

Gentefied - Netflix

Veneno - HBO Max

Los Espookys - Hulu

Vida - Hulu

At LatinoLEAD we believe in the beauty of todxs in nuestra comunidad and we proudly support the LGBTQA+ movement/community/familia.

¡Feliz Pride!

If you or someone you know has experienced discrimination, please reach out to @outfrontmn helpline: 800-800-0350


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